30 new projects ready for CBE JU funding

30 new innovative projects selected for CBE JU funding

The CBE JU selected the 2023 project proposals to be funded: 30 proposals will receive a total of nearly €215.5 million, with grant agreements expected to be signed before the end of May 2024.


Advance competitive circular bio-based industries in Europe: this was the second CBE JU call objective, covering 18 different topics to develop new circular and sustainable products and solutions for the market.

Among the 162 submitted proposals, 30 of them have been selected:

  • 4 innovation actions – flagships
  • 15 innovation actions
  • 9 research & innovation actions
  • 2 coordination & support actions


These include activities on biobased feedstocks, building blocks, materials and product solutions for a variety of sectors and value chains. Amongst them wood and forest-based value chains, biorefineries, recycling processes, production routes of alternatives to fossil chemicals, environmental remediation, more sustainable composite, polymers and surfactants.

More information about these projects will be published following the grant agreement signature between successful applicants and the CBE JU Programme Office.


BIORING, a CBE JU-funded project, welcomes these new proposals contributing to the development of a more sustainable Europe.

Moreover, the 2024 CBE JU funding priorities have been announced, including information for next call or proposals with a budget of €213 million.